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Sensory Marketing

We partner with Voice Solutions, a premier provider of sensory marketing services for business. They provide customized in-store and on-hold background music and messages, digital signage and software.

Background Music

Consider music as an integral part of your business marketing. It’s not just about the sound. It’s about HOW it sounds. From speakers and volume controls to paging devices and amplifiers, Diversified Ventures has the sound system equipment you need. Sound quality is an important element of delivering the perfect audio experience for your environment. Our team designs, installs, and completes your sound system whether it’s a redesign or and new build alike, we carefully consults with business owners, contractors, and utilize floor plans to create the most effective sound system for your specific needs.

Music In-Store & On-Hold

Music defines your business environment. Music moves us; it inspires us, it evokes emotion, it sets a mood. In fact, music is one of the most dynamic ways to communicate your business’ brand and image and connect to your target market without breathing a single word. That’s some pretty powerful stuff. Diversified Ventures can install all the hardware you need to have the music and messaging you need for your business. Our partner Voice Solutions can customize the perfect list of music and messages your employees, and your customers in a very positive mindset.

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Messages In-Store & On Hold

Messages In-Store and On Hold are proven to increase sales and enhance branding initiatives. Think of it as having your own personal associate dedicated to enhancing the experience of every single customer, 24/7, without fail.

It's point of sale advertising at its finest. Messages On Hold and In-Store Messaging services are critical elements of any advertising and marketing initiative and are easily integrated into ongoing campaigns.

Never play it so loud that it’s intrusive. Even the biggest hard rock music fan doesn’t want to listen to it all day – and especially while trying to relax in the chair. Set the music so that it can be heard, but not so loud that it interferes with your day to day activities. Whoever said that music was the spice of life was right, but it can also be the spice of your business.

Did You Know?

-More than 40% of U.S. Primary household shoppers who recall hearing retail audio ads made an unplanned purchase after hearing an overhead message. *2005 Arbitron Retail Media Study

-36% of the same shoppers have purchased a different brand from the one they originally intended after hearing a retail audio commercial or promotional announcement. *2005 Arbitron Retail Media Study.

In-Store Message Benefits: Whether you want to share information about new product lines, upcoming sales, or employment opportunities; in-store messaging is a point of sale advertising service specifically tailored to influence your customers purchasing decisions at the point of purchase while enhancing experience - it’s like having your own branded radio station!

On Hold Messages

We believe that every interaction with your customer is a valuable opportunity to reinforce your brand and identity while sharing important information. Silence on-hold says a lot more than you’d like it to, so greet your callers with engaging, entertaining messages on hold.

You’ll reap the benefits of higher call retention, increased sales, and a happier customer with a custom recorded message on hold service delivered to your business by internet.

What's The Big Deal?

  • 70% of business calls are placed on hold for an average of 45 to 60 seconds
  • 60% hang up when they hear silence on-hold
  • 30% of those that hang up never call back.
  • Message on hold services increase on-hold caller retention by 40%
  • Increase sales 16-20%
  • 85% of callers prefer on-hold messaging to silence or music

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